Minggu, 23 Februari 2014

A letter to my friend

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 Dear my friend, Santi...
10 years passed and the graduation of elementary school was our last meeting...
I thought we could had another "Hi." 
But Allah loves you so much more than we love you.

I was frozen when I read the news. My heart beat so fast while my mind kept a hope that wasn't true, that I still could have met you.
It is still clear in my mind about our childhood. How kind you are to me and others. Do you remember when our last grade, you gave me a blue hat as my birthday gift? The hat is there, safely stored in my wardrobe.
Your sweet voice when you tried to calm me down while I cried and hugged you at the graduation day. You said, "Why are you crying? We're still friends and we can meet each other."
We didn't meet even once after that.. 
But the memories lies forever in my mind..
Dear my friend, Santi...
We love you, I love you. But Allah loves you more than we do, Angel. Sleep well, my lovely. We always pray for you...

Now heaven has a new angel... :')

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