Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Trouble is an Apple Tree...

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When the hard time comes, sometimes I just want to stop walking and go back to where everything is fine.
When the wind blows strongly, I wish I were blew away with it,
When the situation is going to be crazy, I'd rather sit at my safe home than stuck in that mess.

I can't run away, I can't stop walking toward the dream I've been dreaming of.
I can't keep safe, lock my self in a secure place.
I'd be a loser...
Cause like it or not, I gotta face everything comes to me.

Cause, this is what we call 'LIFE'
Trouble is always here, standing next to us.
Trouble is our best friend, a very good friend which always gives you a challenge to do.
Screaming or crying loudly is not an option as a way out.
Cause the only way out is to beat the challenges.
You may not always win,
But, trouble is like an apple tree.
Though you fail to get the apple with your hand, it'll fall by itself to your palm.

Yes, whether you fail or lose, you'll get the prize : A LESSON

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